About This Guy

Just look at this dumb face.

Hey! This is me. I'm a career technologist (or something like that), writer, musician, husband, dad of 3, and a bunch of other things you don't really care about. And that's cool! I'm fine with that. The most important things you need to know about me [and this blog] are as follows:

  1. All opinions expressed here are my own and in no way reflect those of my employer, my friends, my family, or anyone else that's not me unless specifically stated.
  2. I can be kind of a dumbass at times, so those opinions might be bad ones.

Self-Serving Q&A Section

Why have a blog at all?

What better way to scream into the void than to record it for everyone else for all eternity so my children's-children can marvel at my cringe.

Why should I become a member/subscribe/whatever?

You probably shouldn't. It will only encourage me to write more dumb stuff. But if you want to waste your money you can get access to content before the rest of the plebes do.

What benefits do members/subscribers/etc get?

OK let me break it down for you:

Free: You get to comment on posts!

Supporters: For the low-l0w-low price of $2/mo you can help support the blog and have access to some pretty sweet perks, like:
  - Get content a week before everyone else!
  - No ads!
  - An email newsletter just for paid supporters!
  - Membership to the official Poorly Conceived Ideas Slack workspace (future)
  - And you get to comment on posts!

Do you have any other things you're kind of mediocre at on the internet?

I've been tempted to start a Twitch channel just so 5 people in Taiwan can watch the fat American suck at Farming Simulator 2022, but I haven't worked up the courage to be that vulnerable yet.

I also say dumb stuff and yell at brands on Twitter.

I say dumb corporate stuff on LinkedIn.

How do I get started in blogging?


Do you follow any sports teams?

I've been a masochistic Washington football team fan my whole life. Thanks, dad.

My wife and I picked up hockey years back and became die-hard perpetually-disappointed Capitals Fans.

I'm also a fan of anyone that's not the Mercedes or Renault F1 teams. If I had to pick one team then I'm more of a Red Bull fan, but there are drivers on other teams I enjoy watching, like Lando Norris and Fernando Alonso.

Alex Albon is underrated. Don't @ me.

Will you review my product/service/startup or write about this thing I'm trying to promote in exchange for money?

Much like a middle-aged man with bladder issues: depends.

As long as you understand that I am going to be honest and transparent about my experience with the thing and that there's a fine line between review and roast, then yeah, sure, let's do this thing.

If you want me to blindly write a glowing review about your thing then no, I'm not going to do that. I will only recommend products or services that I personally have used and believe in.

If you're OK with me being honest with my 7 readers and still want me to look at your product/service/dongle/whatever, send an email to [email protected] and we'll talk.